28 year old diabetic male with erosions and history of skin fragiligy

    Case by Dr. Nancy Burnside.

    28 year old diabetic with Hyperpigmentation of the face, erosions and bulla of the

    bilateral dorsal hands and forearms, associated hypertrichosis, hyperpigmentation, and skin

    The duration of symptoms is unknown. On examination, the patient has new blisters today on

    the right hand. Examination also shows hyperpigmented macules and violaceous papules and

    plaques, some with crusted erosions. Three intact clear tense bulla of the third dorsal

    digit and dorsal hand from 4- 6 mm. Two without erythema of the base, and one, which was

    biopsied,approximating a crusted violaceous plaque.

    IMPRESSION AND PLAN: Hyperpigmentation and blistering disorder of unknown etiology.

    Suggestion of hypertrichosis and skin fragility. Differential diagnosis is broad and

    includes PCT versus pseudoporphyria , although the patient does not have any history of

    liver or renal disease, traumatic blisters with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and

    diabetic ulcers (and bullous disorder of diabetes) are in the differential (although this

    would be an unusual presentation). Discoid lupus is not likely, but he does have

    hyperpigmentation and scarring on the face.

    PROCEDURES: 4 mm punch biopsy and perilesional skin biopsy for immunofluorescence.