A 47-year-old AA woman with poikilodermal hypo and hyperpigemted patches on her enitre body.

    The Patient is a 47 years old African American woman. She had bilateral white coin-sized patches on her lateral forearms since the age of 13 years. During junior high school, these lesions spread to her legs, arms, and torso and increased in number. Since 1988, different dermatologists performed several skin biopsies from different sites that rendered nonspecific diagnoses. Around 1996, she developed hyperpigmented dark lesions as well as hypopigmented lesions. These lesions were not responding to topical steroid creams and/or UV light exposure. In 2008, 3 skin biopsies confirmed MF. Currently, she has numerous hypopigmented patches on the entire body, hyperpigmented patches on her left shoulder, and reticulated hyperpigmented patches on the inner aspect of her thighs consistent with poikiloderma vasculare atrophicans.