A 52 years old WM with a history of rash for 5 years starting on the buttock and spreading to thigh and eyebrow.

    The patient is a 52 years old white man with a history of rash for approximately for 5 years. The rash began on his left buttock and subsequently spread to his left thigh and left eyebrow. He noticed the left eyebrow lesion approximately 3 years ago. The patient has a large indurated plaque with alopecia over the left lateral eyebrow as well as an indurated plaque also associated with alopecia on the right jawline. He also has erythematous patches, accentuated follicular papules and comedones and patches on the right scalp, back, chest, upper arms, and the left distal thigh. Skin biopsies of the left eyebrow and the jawline plaques were performed.