Books: edit not available for all nodes

    The behaviour of edit in books is not consistent for all nodes. For some reason some nodes do not enable editing.

    Analysis of node_access

    For a node with no edit tab:

    4 0 og_public 1 0 0

    4 1 content_access_rid 1 0 0

    4 2 content_access_rid 1 0 0

    A node with an edit tab

    160 0 og_public 1 0 0

    160 1 content_access_rid 1 0 0

    160 2 content_access_rid 1 0 0

    So it can't be node_access. Debug shows that the update operation is not called at all. Book module does not allow update for a node that has revisions.

    Problem found in book module:

    // If the node is in a restricted format, disallow editing.
    if ($op == 'update' && !filter_access($node->format)) {
    return FALSE;

    Problem is caused by admin input filter being different from that of the contributor user. Solved by making the filtered html filter available to all roles. Currently all book pages have default filtered html filter but none of the roles are ticked for that since the main filter was changed to full html.

    Collection Node: