Endocrine mucin-producing sweat gland carcinoma

    This case is included in Cases in Dermatopathology Series published by Knowledge Books and Software (Brisbane, Australia). The books in this series can be purchased on their website. citation The case is posted with the Publisher's permission.

    Sixty-nine year-old male presented to a dermatologist with a slightly erythematous papule on the left cheek of unknown duration. Clinically, the lesion was suspicious for nodular basal cell carcinoma. Viscous fluid was detected after the initial incision into the tumor during attempted curettage. The curettage was abandoned and the material obtained from the wound was submitted for histological examination. The sections showed small fragments of an epithelial neoplasm, (Figs. 1-4) which was interpreted as suspicious for a low-grade adenocarcinoma and submitted for a second opinion consultation. The lesion was treated by an excision (Figs. 5-19). The patient is doing well 3 years after the initial presentation.