M 75, 1-cm dome-shaped red papule on the right hip


    Poroma is a benign adnexal skin tumor seen in middle aged individuals with no sex predilection. The acral sites are the most commonly affected regions. Hip or buttock as a location of origin has rarely been reported. We report two cases of poroma, one located on the hip of a 75-year-old man and the other on the buttock of a 60-year-old man.


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    Case 1. A 75-year-old man presented with a 1 cm dome-shaped red papule on the right hip (Fig. 1). Microscopic examination (Fig. 2) revealed a typical poroma composed of dark epithelial downgrowths with multiple attachments to the epidermis. The epithelial downgrowths showed several interconnections. The neoplastic cells were monomorphic, dark, and cuboidal with moderate amounts of cytoplasm showing intercellular bridges. There was no peripheral palisading or retraction artifact as is commonly seen in basal cell carcinoma. Foci of ductal luminal differentiation characterized by small ductal spaces surrounded by small epithelial cells and covered by eosinophilic lining towards the lumen (Fig.3) were also present. There was no evidence of necrosis, increased typical or atypical mitotic figures, or stromal invasion.