Recurrent vulvar polypoid lesions

    A 31-year-old woman consulted for an exophytic asymptomatic lesion of the vulvar fourchette, resembling condyloma. Surgical excision followed by pathological analysis led to the diagnosis of a tubulovillous adenoma with enteric differentiation showing moderate dysplasia. The lesion reached the surgical margins. Eight months later, it recured as 2 independent similar lesions of the fourchette. These lesions were removed surgically. After 6 months, the patient noticed a lesion of the fourchette and 2 other masses of the left and right labia minus.  

    The patient had no other genital lesions or a genital malformation. She had given birth to 4 children without complication. She had neither familial history of genital pathology nor exposition to diethilstilbestrol. Rectal examination, sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy showed no other lesion.