Arnaud de la Fouchardiere, M.D., Ph.D.

    Arnaud de la Fouchardière is a pathologist working in the Cancer Care Hospital in Lyon (France). As a fellow he has received training both in clinical dermatology and pathology in Lyon’s university hospital.

    His initial pathology/research projects including his medical and PhD thesis were centered on cutaneous B-cell lymphomas, especially marginal zone lymphomas.

    During those research years he became familiar with cytogenetic studies (FISH and old-school CGH techniques) and other molecular tools. In 2004, he takes over a position as assistant in the pathology department of Lyon’s cancer care hospital and becomes the pupil of Christiane Bailly (France’s leading pathologist in the field of melanocytic tumors).

    During the five years prior to Christiane’s retirement he will receive intensive training in melanocytic consultation cases.

    Since 2009, he occupies a very unusual position as a general pathologist with expertise in melanocytic tumors. He receives over 2000 consultation cases a year (99% are melanocytic). He has gradually built a diagnostic research team called «Melanoledge" aiming to combine clinical, pathological, genetic and molecular data in order to have a better insight on the genesis of nevi and melanomas. This ancillary diagnostic approach is layered by a morphologic and immunohistochemical screening selecting the few cases eligible for molecular testing such as CGH –array and FISH techniques. Although his position is unbound to medical schools/universities, he is strongly engaged in teaching: he gives twice a year a 3 day course on melanocytic tumors with some colleagues, he teaches pathology residents and has been among the first to perform interactive online teaching (webinars sessions) on the use of immunohistochemistry in melanocytic tumors.