Dr. Rabkin's Conference

    Michael S. Rabkin, M.D., Ph.D. is the owner and director of Rabkin Dermatopathology Laboratory, P.C. in Tarentum, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Rabkin graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976, and received his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina in 1984.  He then trained in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at the University of Utah, where he worked with Dr. Michael Piepkorn on the first controlled, population-based studies of histological dysplasia in melanocytic nevi.  After completing a fellowship in Dermatopathology at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Dr. Rabkin moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to join the faculty of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine as an Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Pathology.  Dr. Rabkin established his own Dermatopathology laboratory in 1991.  Rabkin Dermatopathology Laboratory, P.C. continues to be independently owned by Dr. Rabkin, and currently employs one other Dermatopathologist and a staff of seventeen.


    Dr. Rabkin’s early interest in pigmented lesions has continued through the current day.  Dr. Rabkin has participated in widely cited studies of melanocytic lesions, and he has maintained a special interest in establishing reproducible, evidence-based criteria for the histological diagnosis of dysplastic nevi.  Dr. Rabkin sees his local, national, and international teaching, authorship of textbook chapters, many peer reviewed publications, and invited meeting presentations, all since he went into private practice, as proof that academic work and intellectual rigor are not confined to academic institutions.



    Yoga, which began as a way to combat the occupational hazard of back and shoulder pain, is now one of Dr. Rabkin’s passions, along with his family and the Japanese garden adjacent to his laboratory just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Cases associated with this conference:

  • Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session II Lecture #8 Case Vignettes 1
    Author: Michael Rabkin M.D., Ph.D.