Allergic granulomatosis

    Also known as Churg-Strauss syndrome

    Clinical Features:

    • Vasculitic disorder most often affecting young adults
    • Cutaneous manifestations include hemorrhagic lesions (petechiae or ecchymoses) and subcutaneous nodules.
    • In addition to vasculitis, patients present with asthma, fever and peripheral eosinophilia.
    • p-ANCA is usually positive.

    Histologic Features:

    • Classic triad:
      • Leukocytoclastic vasculitis
      • Tissue eosinophilia
      • Churg-Strauss granulomas (granulomas with epithelioid histiocytes palisading around degenerated collagen with numerous eosinophils): no longer felt to be specific
    • Thrombi and extravasated red blood cells may be seen.
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  • Allergic granulomatosis
    Author: Stephen Lyle, M.D., Ph.D.

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