Eosinophilic fascitis

    Clinical Features:


    • Typically presents with acute onset following vigorous exercise
    • Most commonly involves the extremities: sleeve-like induration with a peau d'orange appearance
    • Peripheral eosinophilia is often present.
    • Some patients go on to develop a hematopoietic neoplasm.

    Histologic Features:

    • Lymphoplasmacytic inlammation of the fibrous trabeculae of the subcutaneous fat
    • Progressive sclerosis of the fibrous trabeculae and subcutaneous fascia, eventually obliterating the fat lobules
    • Similar features are present in morphea profunda and sleroderma, except the sclerosis is centered higher up, at the interface of the dermis and subcutis, rather than in the fascia.
    • Additional changes that may sometimes be seen are tissue eosinophilia, mucin deposition and vasculitis.
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  • Eosinophilic fasciitis
    Author: Stephen Lyle, M.D., Ph.D.

    Conference: DermatopathologyConsultations.com Teaching Collection