Tufts Department of Dermatology Grand Rounds

    Tufts Dermatology

    Grand Rounds is held at Tufts Medical Center on the third Wednesday of each month. Attendings and residents examine patients with more unusual skin conditions or therapeutic challenges and then discuss differential diagnoses, pathology results and management options during the Grand Rounds case discussion.

    Specialty clinics at Tufts Dermatology include patch testing, infectious disease, psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, pediatric dermatology, connective tissue diseases, and cosmetics.


    Website:  http://www.tuftsmedicalcenter.org/OurServices/Dermatology/


    Cases associated with this grand round:

  • 26 year old female with painful lesions on fingers and toes
    Author: Caren Garber Ms

  • 65 year old male with scaly pink papules on upper arms and trunk
    Author: Caren Garber Ms

  • 53 year old female with rash on the back, arms, and legs
    Author: Caren Garber Ms

  • 36 year old male with longstanding rash on palms and soles
    Author: Caren Garber Ms

  • 24 year old male with scattered nonscaly guttate pink plaques
    Author: Caren Garber Ms