How do I embed an image in a piece of text?


    As well as adding images to cases and book pages by using the 'add image' link you can add an image to a textarea anywhere so long as you have the text editor with the image icon in the toolbar.

    This is a reasonably advanced function requiring a little attention for it to succeed.  Inserting an image that is too big can break your page.  There is a resize function available here.

    To add an image, click on the image icon (picture of a tree)

    1. Then click on the little icon to the right of the url field
    2. You will get another window with options for uploading and adding images
    3. To upload an image click on browse in the lower half of the window, select your image from your computer and upload
    4. It is advisable to resize your image so that it fits nicely in the text and does not break the page.  You can either create a new image or overwrite the old image when you resize.  The center column is about 640px wide.  Choose a size that suits your needs and is that width or less.
    5. After uploading, the image will appear in the middle part of the window and at the top you will see an 'add' link next to the image name.  Click on 'add' to insert the image in your page.
    6. You will now be back at the first window that came up when you clicked on the image icon.   Now enter settings for description and alignment, border if you want one, and space around the image.  There is no need to set dimensions here if you have already carefully resized the image.