How do I link to another page in Dermpedia, make a citation or link to another site?


    You can easily link to other pages in Dermpedia or other sites by using the following tag:

    '['?:page-url']' or '['?:site-url']' (without the apostrophes)

    Where page-url is the dermpedia url and site-url is the full url for another site

    (Note that in this example the apostrophes are there simply to stop the tag from working)

    The page-url can be in any of the following forms:

    The site-url can be in any of these forms:

    where is just an example used here as illustration. The easiest method to get the correct site-url is simply to go to the page and copy the url from the browser window using ctrl-c (hold Ctrl press c), then pasting it into the tag above using ctrl-v.

    If you enter a case or an image your link will be accompanied by the corresponding icons, otherwise you will just get the text.


    I would like to refer you to this case case

    You might be interested in this image image

    Alternatively you might like to read this book page book

    Or I refer you to content on another site citation

    If you do everything here correctly and it still doesn't work, then check the Input Format in the fieldset below the wordprocessing window. It should be set to Full HTML for the tag to work. Alternatively try the advanced options:

    Advanced Link Options

    If the link does not work as you intend you can also add a qualifier after the ?. The following qualifiers work

    • image
    • case
    • book
    • citation

    To use write the tag like this:

    '['?qualifier:page-url']' where qualifier is any of the above. (Note that apostrophes are not included)