2016 Sok BAP1 IHC Stain

    Multiple choice question

    The image above indicates which of the following concerning this BAP 1 immunohistochemistry stain?

    2016 Sok Cellular Neurothekeoma

    Multiple choice question

    The lesion shown below is from the face of a 17 year old boy. It presented as a skin-colored papule. The clinical suspicion was Spitz nevus. The lesion was submitted for a second opinion as it did not express any of the melanocytic markers such as S100, MART1 or HMB45 even though the sections appear vaguely resembling Spitz nevus. 


    You are considering a diagnosis of cellular neurothecoma, a soft tissue tumor, which can be mistaken for a melanocytic neoplasm, especially Spitz nevus. The best way to confirm the diagnosis would be to perform which of the following immunohistochemical stains?

    2016 Sok Spitz Nevus

    Multiple choice question

    Which of the following features favor the diagnosis in the image?

    2016 Sok Clear Cell Sarcoma

    Multiple choice question

    The following neoplasm demonstrates the following immunohistochemistry profile: S100 (+), HMB45 (+), Melan A (+), MITF (+), c-KIT (-)

    What feature(s) would direct you away from a diagnosis of melanoma:

    2016 Taube PD-L1

    Multiple choice question

    Complete the following statement:  

    In general, patients whose tumors do not express PD-L1 on immunohistochemical studies, respond to anti PD-1/PD-L1 monotherapy ________________.

    2016 High Statute of Limitations

    Multiple choice question

    In nearly every state in the US, the statute of limitations (time during which litigation must be filed) begins to toll:

    2016 High Medical Malpractice

    Multiple choice question

    In order for a case of medical malpractice to foment, there must be:

    2016 High Recurrent Nevi

    Multiple choice question

    Simple recurrent nevi often demonstrate:

    2016 High Blue Nevi

    Multiple choice question

    Cellular blue nevi often show a mutation in which gene?

    2016 King Lentiginous Melanoma

    Multiple choice question

    Images below are from a biopsy of "lentiginous melanoma"

    Which statement regarding lentiginous melanoma is correct?











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