Dermpedia 2015_HIV-associated inflammatory dermatoses_Case 2

    Male patient, aged 46 years. Two-month history of markedly pruritic, erythematous scaly plaques, predominantly on the back and limbs.

    Dermpedia 2015_HIV-associated inflammatory dermatoses_Case 1

     Male patient, aged 39 years. Two-day history of fever & erythematous skin rash on face & abdomen. Lymphopenia, neutropenia & thrombocytopenia Recent travel to Mozambique → ?

    Scottsdale Case #11

    Mixed radiolucent/radiopaque lesion within the jaw


    Scottsdale Case #10

    69 yom with painful swelling of the lower lip with suppuration.


    Scottsdale Case #8

    32 year old female with white plaques on the R and L buccal mucosa


    Scottsdale Case #7

    7  year old male with red papules on the attached gingiva.


    Scottsdale Case #6

    38 year old female with pigmented macule of left buccal mucosa


    Scottsdate Case #3

    66 yom, smoked 1 ppd x 20 years with leukoplakia of left lateral tongue, unilateral only.


    Scottsdale Case #2

    49 yo man with large apical radiolucency around tooth #7


    53 year old female with rash on the back, arms, and legs

    53 year old female with a history of hypothyroidism and Diabetes Mellitus presents with chronic, intermittently pruritic rash on back since 2009 as well as new similar lesions on the legs and arms since May 2014. The rash consists of erythematous, ill-defined plaques on the back, flanks, arms, and legs. The patient had a patch test done in 2011 which was positive for cinnamic aldehyde 1% SSO, Formaldehyde, Balsam of Peru, Bronopol, Dithiomorpholine, and yellow and possibly blue and black dye. In the past, had minimal imporvement with Desonide 0.05% cream and Triamcinolone cream.

    36 year old male with longstanding rash on palms and soles

    36 year old male presents with rash on his palms and soles since the 7th grade. He has tried topical therapy including steroid creams and moisturizers with some control, but no major improvement. Recently has developed nonhealing ulcer with foul smell over left sole after using pumice stone. Also complains of recurrent "red bumps" over his bilateral lower extremities that can be large, and have been previously treated with incision & drainage, and antibiotic therapy. He has no personal history or family history of psoriasis. No joint pain.

    24 year old male with scattered nonscaly guttate pink plaques

    24 year old male presents with multiple scattered nonscaly guttate pink plaques over chest and back that spread to upper arms then thighs, which has been intermittently present for one year. Has become pruritic over time, which is worse at night. Was treated with fluconazole by PCP, without improvement. No subjective GI complaints, no other systemic symptoms. 

    36 year old male with annular erythematous plaques on the bilateral arms and hips

    36 year old male presents with annular erythematous plaques on the bilateral arms and hips, predominantly in the axillae and the pantline respectively.

    47 year old female with painful fissuring of hands and feet as well as scaly erythematous plaques on the abdomen

    47 year old female presents with several years of painful fissuring of the hands and feet as well as a few new scaly erythematous plaques on the abdomen. The patient had a patch test in 12/2012 that showed positive reactions to nickel, cobalt, and formaldehyde. The patient has since changed all of her personal care products without much improvement. In the past, the lesions on the hands and feet have responded to Clobetasol. The patient had a biopsy of the abdominal lesions prior to grand rounds. Pathology shown here.

    47 year old female with mutliple evolving ulcerations and nonhealing wounds

    46 year old woman with a very complicated medical history, including history of aplastic anemia (2011) status post bone marrow transplant from sister later that year followed nearly 100 days later by sloughing, tightening skin all over her body. Patient has evolving ulcerations that often turn into nonhealing wounds as well as weeping, draining blisters predominantly on her legs and trunk (breasts). Involvement is strictly cutaneous

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