2017_Q13 LGFMS

    Multiple choice question

    What tumor has the following histologic features: A subtle, bland proliferation of hyperchromatic spindled cells, alteration (often abrupt) from fibrous to myxoid zones, collagen rosettes of variable size and t(7;16)(q34;p11), Fusion of FUS/CREB3L2?

    2017_Q48 Merkel cell carcinoma

    Multiple choice question

    Which of the following clinical features best characterize Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC)?

    2017_Q55 PEM

    Multiple choice question

    All the following statements regarding pigmented epithelioid melanocytomas (PEM) are true, EXCEPT?


    2017_Q47 Spitzoid melanoma

    Multiple choice question

    Which histologic features is more common in Spitzoid melanoma as opposed to Spitz nevi?

    2017_Q46 PD-1 Inhibitors

    Multiple choice question

    Tumors that best respond to PD-1 inhibitors exhibit which of the following features?

    2017_Q52 Next Generation Gene Sequencing

    Multiple choice question

    What is the benefit(s) using next-generation gene sequencing?

    2017_Q40 Epithelioid sarcoma

    Multiple choice question

    A 25-year-old male presented with a progressively enlarging ulcerated nodule on his hand that he attributed to an episode of prior trauma. A biopsy showed the following features

    Histological evaluation revealed diffuse replacement of the dermis with extension into the SQ of what appears to be a multilobular necrotizing granulomatous process that is associated with focal peripheral lymphoid aggregates.

    Closer inspection, showed focal atypia of the histiocytoid-epithelioid cells and scattered mitoses.

    A battery of special stains to rule out infectious process were negative. The epithelioid cells stained diffusely with EMA, cytokeratin, CD34, ERG, FLI1 and there was loss of INI1 / hSNF5 / SMARCB1.

    Based upon the clinical history and pathological findings this lesion is best classified as a ?




    2017_Q50 Cellular neurothekeomas and nerve sheath myxomas

    Multiple choice question

    True or False?

    Cellular neurothekeomas and nerve sheath myxomas fall along a morphological spectrum and are derived from the same precursor cells.

    2017_Q39 Soft tissue perineuroma

    Multiple choice question

    What tumor typically arises on the limbs and is composed of a well-circumscribed proliferation of spindles cells arranged in a whorled or storiform pattern and exhibits artefactual cracking of the collagen and is associated with overlying epidermal hyperplasia. This tumor also contains some of the longest spindle cells of any spindle cell proliferation and characteristically it stains with EMA, CD34, GLUT1 and claudin1.

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