Jordan question #11 Adenoid cystic

    Multiple choice question

    The 5 year survival rate of one of the following salivary gland tumors is fair, but at 15 years it is very poor. Which of the following malignant tumor exhibits this slow, but unrelenting behavior?

    2015 35 Pleomorphic adenoma

    Multiple choice question

    Which of the following features would you NOT expect in a pleomorphic adenoma of the parotid gland?

    Jordan question #9

    Multiple choice question

    Using direct immunofluorescence examination, deposits of IgG are consistently demonstrated between epithelial cells in oral lesions of which of the following?

    Jordan question #8

    Multiple choice question

    A bullous eruption of attached gingiva mediated by autoantibodies to laminin 5 and BP antigens in basement membrane is known as:

    Jordan question #7

    Multiple choice question

    Which of the following features are not characteristic of patients with HPV-related squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx?

    Jordan question #6

    Multiple choice question

    The most common subtype of HPV involved in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas is:

    Jordan question #5

    Multiple choice question

    The circumscribed salivary gland tumor that is composed of a mixture of neoplastic ductal epithelium, myoepithelial cells and the derived connective tissue products of the myoepithelial cells is known as:

    Jordan question #4

    Multiple choice question

    Human papilloma virus (HPV) has been found in which of the following oral lesions?

    Jordan question #3

    Multiple choice question

    All the following are features of Sjogren's syndrome except:

    2015 34 Mucoepidermoid carcinoma

    Multiple choice question

    Which of the following is not true with regards to mucoepidermoid carcinoma?

    2014 3 Jordan question #1

    Multiple choice question

    Verrucous carcinoma is part of the clinical spectrum of which condition?

    2015 10 WG Basomelanocytic tumor

    Multiple choice question

    Basomelanocytic tumor is a term applied for biphasic malignant neoplasms composed of basal cell carcinoma intimately associated with malignant melanocytic component. An example of basomelanocytic tumor is shown in images below:


    Which of the following statements regarding basomelanocytic tumors is not correct?

    2015 15 Fulton Metastatic carcinoma of unknown primary

    Multiple choice question

    Nuclear transcription factors emerged as the best lineage-specific markers and using a panel of immunohistochemical stains for nuclear factors is one of the best strategies in the work-up of metastatic carcinoma of unknown primary.

    Nuclear transcription factors are proteins with unique DNA binding and transcriptional/regulation domains which bind to short-sequence DNA motifs. They serve as molecular ‘switches’ that regulate expression of a series of cell-specific proteins.

    Nuclear transcription factors have advantages as immunohistochemical markers. They are positive on entire tumor cell population. Their expression is  not necessarily related to state of tumor differentiation. They are exquisitely sensitive and specific. Due to nuclear expression the stains are easy to interpret.

    Answers below list useful immunohistochemical markers with corresponding primary cancers they are expected to be expressed in. Please identify one answer which lists cytoplasmic/membraneous rather than nuclear markers.

    2015 18 WG Lymphoma in AIDS

    Multiple choice question

    Which of the following statements regarding lymphoma in HIV/AIDS is not true?

    2015 20 AIDS-induced neoplasia

    Multiple choice question

    Advent of HAART (incl. cART) has resulted in improved morbidity, mortality & life expectancy of patients with AIDS.

    As a result, there is declining incidence of AIDS-defining illnesses, incl. AIDS-defining malignancies. However, deaths due to non-AIDS defining cancers are on the rise (3x ↑).

    Which of the following malignancies is not an AIDS defining neoplasm?

    2015 17 WG Acute exanthem of HIV infection

    Multiple choice question

    Acute exanthem of HIV infection is an early manifestation of HIV infection. Patients turn seropositive shortly thereafter. Clinically, it often presents as a morbilliform exanthem. 



    Skin biopsy in acute exanthem of HIV infection typically shows which pattern of tissue reaction?

    2015 9 WG Osteogenic melanoma

    Multiple choice question

    Rare variants of melanoma can show areas of divergent differentiation such as schwannian, smooth muscle, skeletal muscle, cartilage, osteoid, neuroendocrine, etc.

    The term metaplastic melanoma is aplied to melanomas showing cartilaginous (chondroid melanoma) or osteoid (osteogenic melanoma).

    Which of the following is the most common site of occurence of osteogenic melanoma?



    2015 13 Immune checkpoint therapies

    Multiple choice question

    Interaction of PD1-Ligand expressed on melanoma cells with PD1 receptor on activated tumor-specifice T cell provides inhibitory signal which supresses T cell activation. This is a critical mechanism of resistance of tumors towards immune response. Blocking of this interaction by anti-PD1 drugs is called immune checkpoint blockade. It is a very promising mechanims targeted by drugs which has shown to result in long-term survival in some patients with advanced melanoma and other malignancies.  





    Which of the following statement about immune check point blockage and PD1 targeting by anti-cancer drugs  is not true?






    2015 14 Next Gene Sequencing

    Multiple choice question

    The term Next-Gen Sequencing refers to massive parallel sequencing of DNA or cDNA  This technology allows to sequence each gene many times (up to 500 times) to increase sensitivity. It can detect base pair mutations, insertions, deletions, copy number changes, translocations in one sequencing reaction. Which of the following statements regarding Next Gene Sequencing is true:

    2015 4Odontogenic keratocyst

    Multiple choice question

    The image below show biopsy of parakeratinizing odonotogenic keratocyst.

    Which of the following statements regarding this entity is not true?

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