Aggressive "blastic" lymphoma in a patient with history of marginal zone lymphoma

    The patient was a 65 year old woman with an established history of  marginal zone lymphoma. 10 years after a period of quiescent disease she developed a new  lesion that was biopsied.

    Waxing and waning papules with necrotic center

    25 year old Caucasian female with 3-year history of waxing and waning erythematous papules, that enlarged and evolved to a necrotic center.   


    Small papules arising from erythematous patches

    9 year-old female presented with a long-lasting history of erythematous and violaceous patches on the armpit, trunk and waist area. Palms are also involved. Small papules are interspersed in the erythematous plaques.


    Papulosquamous dermatitis with atypical lymphocytes

    A 69 year-old female presented with psoriasiform plaques of 1.5 years of evolution. This began on the arms and spread to the trunk, head and lower extremities. Alopecia was not noted on the scalp areas. Mucous membranes were not involved. First biopsy showed an atypical folliculotropic infiltrate; and the second one showed features of papulosquamous dermatitis with atypical lymphocytes. Treatment with topical steroids, NB-UVB and Methotrexate did not help to improve at all.


    Painful erythematous plaques on the left thigh

    61 year-old male with 11 year-history of two erythematous and painful nodules on the left thigh. Later on more erythematous plaques appeared on the left buttock, right back, right flank.



    Papulo-vesicular eruption on photoexposed areas

    7 year old Hispanic male with 3 year history of papulovesicular eruption with ulceration and scarring on face and acral skin, associated with fever and pancytopenia.


    Multiple deep papules in a teenager

    16 year-old male with 1 year history of subcutaneous nodule on the right forearm, that has never cleared. About a month ago noticed several others elsewhere on the arm and trunk. 


    Tumor lesion that grows in a persistent erythematous rash on the back

    75 year-old female with 8 month history of erythematous papules and plaques on the back. Her past medical history is remarkable for hypothyroidism. A tumor lesion has grown on the left shoulder for the last month.


    Subcutaneous mass in a patient with multiple myeloma

    78 year-old male with a past medical history of multiple myeloma, treated with melphalan and prednisone, who presented for 2 day history of tender subcutaneous nodule on the left shin.


    Hypopigmented patches in a child

    10 year-old male with subtle hypopigmented patches for the past 5 years that initially began on the face and had spread to involve the entire body. He has had 4 different biopsies over this time period and the initial lesions were diagnosed as pityriasis lichenoides chronica. T-cell receptor gene rearrangement test was positive in the skin specimen.


    Case 7 Granulomatous dermal infiltrate

    64 year-old male with significant past medical history of hypertension, seasonal allergies and eczema who presents for evaluation of a persistent rash on his body which started one year ago.  States occassional subjective fever with drenching sweats at night.


    Case 5 Erythematous papules on the palms and soles

    53 year-old male with a long history of grouped tinny papules located on the soles, and follicular based plaques on the torso, arms and legs.


    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference. Xanthogranuloma?

    A 41-year-old woman had CD30(+) nodal anaplastic large T-cell lymphoma of the neck diagnosed. Six courses of chemotherapy (CEOP, cyclophosphamide, epirubicin, vincristine, and prednisone) were given and the patient recovered well.

    Unfortunately, acute myeloid leukemia was found in 2 years later and high dose Ara-C chemotherapy was arranged.  Multiple rash occurred on her face during the 2nd chemotherapy.

    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference. Leukemia cutis?

    A 9-month-old full-term boy was admitted due to fever, abdominal distension and diarrhea for 2 weeks. Hepatosplenomegaly was noted and the blood test and bone marrow examination showed acute myeloid leukemia. 

    Several brownish to erythematous nodules and plaques were noted on his scalp. A skin biopsy was taken under the impression of leukemia cutis.

    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference. T or B cell Lymphoma?

    A 32 year-old man had fever and night sweating for 2 weeks. He had multiple indurated dusky red plaques with mild local tenderness appeared rapidly on his limbs and back.

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