45-year-old woman who recently developed an erytymatous lesion, slightly raised, on her back

    This patient has multiple treatments for IVF. She finally had a successful pregnancy in 2013. 


    Scottsdale Case 3: Infection Masquerading as A Tumor

    24 y.o. F from Liberia with hyperpigmented papules and nodules.


    Scottsdale 2015 Case 2: Infection or Pyodermal Gangrenosum

    A 32 Hispanic women developed “wound infection” after cesarean section. The would was debrided twice but the ulcers continue to spread in spite of antibiotic treatment. She also developed ulcers on her back and neck. The neck lesion was excised.


    Dermpedia 2015_Granulomatous infections_Case 4

    Male patient, aged 31 years. Three-month history of ulcerated lesion on left thigh. History of travel to Burundi, Angola & the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He later admitted to swimming in rivers on his travels.

    Dermpedia 2015_Granulomatous infections_Case 3

    Black African female aged 33 years. Multiple painful nodules on the lower extremities, predominantly the calves.

    Dermpedia 2015_Granulomatous infections_Case 2

    Seriously ill 35 year old African male with pneumonia, oral candidiasis & pulmonary tuberculosis. HIV-positive, but not on HAART. Few days’ history of asymptomatic, hyperpigmented papular skin rash, present mainly on the trunk & limbs.

    Dermpedia 2015_Granulomatous infections_Case 1

    Black African female, aged 32 years. Multiple large, soft elevated facial skin lesions. 

    Dermpedia 2015_Anogenital mucocutaneous infections_Case 1

    Male patient, aged 37 years. Ulcer noted in circumcision specimen with penile Kaposi sarcoma.

    Dermpedia 2015_HIV-associated infections_Case 4

    HIV-positive Black African female with extensive painful vulval and perineal ulceration.

    Dermpedia 2015_HIV-associated infections_Case 3

    Black African male, aged 38 years. Fungating mass excised from the base of the right thumb.

    Dermpedia 2015_HIV-associated infections_Case 2

    Black African male, aged 45 years. Presented initially with otorrrhea & otalgia. 18x15mm polypoid mass later excised from the ear canal. No associated tympanic membrane or middle ear involvement.  

    Dermpedia 2015_HIV-associated infections_Case 1

    Nineteen-year-old African female with AIDS. ICU admission with respiratory distress and widespread skin lesions. Fungemia, with bone marrow involvement.

    Dermpedia 2015_HIV-associated inflammatory dermatoses_Case 4

    Caucasian female, aged 40 years. One-week history of widespread, intensely pruritic papular skin rash. Treatment with abacavir commenced 6 weeks previously.

    Dermpedia 2015_HIV-associated inflammatory dermatoses_Case 3

    Black African female, aged 44 years. HIV+; CD4 count = 60 cells/mm³Currently on treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis & Pneumocystis pneumonia. One-week history of pruritic papular sk

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