Case 29 (I thought this was a bone tumor)

    27-year-old woman with a firm subcutaneous nodule on the forearm.



    The case was discussed at the 2013 Dermpedia Comprehensive Course on Soft Tissue Tumors and Melanoma Update in Scottsdale, AZ



    77 yo male with a nodular tumor on the ckeek.


    50 yo male with an 11 year h/o cutaneous nodulaes and plaques in the axilla, groin, perineum and trunk. Recently evaluated for polyuria. Otherwise healthy.


    81 yo male with a slowly enlarging nodule on the left thigh for 18 months.


    75 yo female with a slolwly enlarging nodule on the scalp, ?lipoma


    54 yo male wit a 1 year h/o swelling on the tip of the right 3rd toe.


    37 yo male with a cystic appearing tumour on the iupper inner thigh.


    27 yo male with a slowly growing lesion on the scalp, ?cyst.


    57 yo female with a longstanding lesion on the left groin.

    Case 19 (KJF): thigh mass

    15 year old female with a thigh mass. Imaging revealed a soft tissue mass without connection to underlying bone. A core biopsy was performed.

    Case 17: painful thigh mass following soccer injury

    16 year old male presents with a painful thigh mass following a soccer injury.

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