Diagnostic Pitfall

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    Diagnostic pitfall: a mimic of melanoma or Spitz nevus Case
    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference. T or B cell Lymphoma? Case
    An 18 years old female presented with one year history of progressing intermittent shortness of breath, joint pain and swelling, photosensitivity, fatigue, and non- scarring alopecia started with the frontal hairline, eyebrows, and eyelash Case
    39-year-old woman with multiple pigmented lesions over an 8-year period Case
    Histiocytoid leprosy misdiagnosed as cellular fibrous histiocytoma Case
    Pseudolymphoma Case
    Critical clinicopathological correlation necessary for diagnosis Case
    Case 1 Case
    Potential diagnostic pitfall in an immunocompromised patient Case
    Painful subungual tumor incorrectly classified as squamous cell carcinoma: A diagnostic pitfall! Case
    Misdiagnosed squamous tumor metastatic to sentinel lymph node Case
    Hematopathology Course 2014 Werner Kempf: Benign intravascular atypical CD30+ T-cell proliferation Case
    Atypical genital melanocytic proliferation in a 25 year-old female Case
    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference. Xanthogranuloma? Case
    8 month-old girl with acral and periorificial bullous lesions taken by the State into custody for suspected child abuse Case
    Adnexal tumor versus BCC Case
    Trying to hide itself (Part1) Case
    Epithelioid sarcoma mimicking granuloma annulare Case
    Cellular dermatofibroma mimicking dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans Case
    Intravascular anaplastic large cell lymphoma Case
    A challenging case and common diagnostic pitfall: SCC or sebaceous carcinoma? Case
    Metastatic Signet-Ring Melanoma Masquerading as Obstructive Pneumonia Case
    Nevoid conjunctival melanoma Case
    Case 11 Case
    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference: Large B Cell Lymphoma: Are you sure? Case
    Recurrent nevus Case
    Hematopathology Course 2014 Werner Kempf: Primary cutaneous follicle center lymphoma (PCFCL) - diffuse growth pattern Case
    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference. Xanthoma? Case
    Right temple tumor submitted as "suspicious for sebaceous carcinoma" Case
    A 71 years old female with extensive diffuse xeorsis with multiple poorly demarcated brown/hyperpigmented patches and lymphadenopath. Previously diagnosed as MF stage IV Case
    Tee case Case
    A 23 year-old man with a 1 year history of multiple (15) painful papules in dermatomal distribution on his shoulder Case
    Oral immunobullous disease Case
    Dermatofibroma with pigmented epidermal hyperplasia - dermoscopic pattern Case
    Case 8 Case
    Diagnostic pitfall: malignant tumor of the eyelid Case
    Melanoma with areas of epithelial differentiation/malignant basomelanocytic tumor?, Case 1 Case
    Hematopathology Course 2014 Werner Kempf: Drug-related drug eruption with CD30+ cells Case
    Superficial basal cell carcinoma with a bonus diagnosis Case
    Hematopathology Course 2014 Werner Kempf: Nodular T-cell pseudolymphoma Case
    Aggressive digital papillary adenoma/adenocarcinoma Case
    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference. Leukemia cutis? Case
    A subcutaneous nodule in the scalp in a 65 years old man Case
    Back lesion; history of hidradenoma Case
    Involvement of eccrine duct by a melanocytic nevus does not imply malignancy. Case
    test Case
    Use of soluble adenylate cyclase in evaluation of slow Mohs margin for lentigo maligna Case
    Drug Associated Reversible Granulomatous T cell dyscrasia Case
    A serious diagnosis very easy to miss Case
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