Challenging Case

    Title Type
    a 65 years old male who presented with an elbow mass which had been present for 7 to 8 years Case
    A 60 years old female presented with a 1cm right arm mass. Case
    A 47-year-old man with an erythematous nodule on his back with central ulceration after surgical manipulation due to clinical impression of an epidermal cyst Case
    A previously healthy 32 years old man, originally from Ethiopia, presented with fever, rash and neuropathy Case
    Malignant melanoma with regression Case
    Pigmented lesion on conjunctiva Case
    Rare biopsy of erythema ab igne Case
    Eccrine gland necrosis allowing presumptive diagnosis of thrombotic vasculopathy in a patient with acute lupus erythematosus, pulmonary alveolar hemorrhage, antiphospholipid antibodies and livedo reticularis with purpura Case
    grouped pink pedunculated papules in the penis Case
    A 52 year old male with a lesion on 4th left toe Case
    26 year old female with painful lesions on fingers and toes Case
    65 year old male with scaly pink papules on upper arms and trunk Case
    45-year-old woman who recently developed an erytymatous lesion, slightly raised, on her back Case
    Scottsdale Case #7 Case
    Scottsdale Case #4 Case
    36 year old male with longstanding rash on palms and soles Case
    47 year old female with painful fissuring of hands and feet as well as scaly erythematous plaques on the abdomen Case
    56 year old man with a longstanding lesion on the left ankle Case
    61 year old female with unilateral facial wrinkling and curling of the hair Case
    25 year old male with linear erythematous plaques Case
    Langerhans Cell Tumor Case
    Unusual rash with histiocytic infiltrate Case
    Progressively growing nodule on the scalp Case
    A mimic of subcutaneous panniculitic T cell lymphoma or a real thing? Case
    A mimic of subcutaneous panniculitic T cell lymphoma Case
    Lupus profundus or subctuaneous panniculitic T cell lymphoma? Case
    56 year old female with palmoplantal erythema reminiscent of psoriasis or dyshidrotic eczema Case
    Hypopigmented mycosis fungoides or vitilogo? Case
    Persistent folliculocentric rash Case
    Older male with persistent chronic purpuric dermatitis and epidermotropic inflammatory infiltrate Case
    Papulosquamous dermatitis with atypical lymphocytes Case
    Tumor lesion that grows in a persistent erythematous rash on the back Case
    Case 7 Granulomatous dermal infiltrate Case
    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference. Histiocytoma or neurothekeoma? Case
    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference. What kind of papulonecrotic disease is it? Case
    Case for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference: Large Cell Lymphoma: What type? Case
    Case 3 for 2014 Dermpedia Hematopathology Conference. Case
    Hematopathology Course 2014 Werner Kempf: Lymphomatoid papulosis (type E) Case
    M 65 with 0.9 cm dark lesion on the upper chest Case
    Superinfected case of Mycosis fungoides with S.aureus Case
    Poikiloderma vasculare atrophicans Case
    Insect bite-like reactions in a patient with B-CLL Case
    Cutaneous infiltrate of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML) with CD1a co-expression Case
    Conjunctival melanosis: What kind? Case
    Mature conjunctival nevus Case
    Interesting adnexal neoplasm of the eyelid Case
    A 36-year-old female with a slightly raised erythematous lesion on the back with clinical d.d. BCC vs AFX vs MM. Case
    Pigmented lesion back Case
    Cutaneous B-cell lymphoma or pseudolymphoma? Case
    Biopsy submitted to rule out mycosis fungoides Case
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