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    A 42-year-old nurse with symmetrical lesions in intertriginous areas with multiple remmisions and exacerbations Case
    A 43 year old woman with a subcutaneous nodule at her back,slowly growing for the last 5 years Case
    A 49-year old woman with long-standing dozens of individual and coalescing dark pink-violet papules and nodules on her lower extremities. Case
    A 50 years old woman with two subcutaneous neck nodules Case
    A 51 y.o. Thai-American women with occasionally symptomatic cutaneous "cysts" Case
    A 52 years old WM with a history of rash for 5 years starting on the buttock and spreading to thigh and eyebrow. Case
    A 53 year old man with superficial yellow-brownish keratotic macules on sun-exposured skin Case
    A 56 year-old female with painful red ears and acquired aortic valve insufficiency Case
    A 63-year old man with an erythematous ulcerated perianal lesion persisting for two years Case
    A 64 year-old woman with a known history of multiple myeloma and widespread rash Case
    A 65 year old male with palpable temporal artery and sudden loss of vision. Case
    A 68 year old man with renal failure and multiple necrotic ulcers and nodules Case
    A 72 year old man with a rapidly evolving erythematous rash resistant to antibiotic therapy Case
    A 72 years old female visited with a smooth yellow-pink nodule on the right breast. Case
    A 77 year old male presented with red non-tender plaques on the scalp for one week Case
    A childhood disease in an adult Case
    A classic example of acne fulminans Case
    A classic example of chemical leukoderma Case
    A classic example of congenital melanocytic nevus Case
    A classic example of patch stage mycosis fungoides Case
    A classic example of pityriasis rosea Case
    A commonly misdiagnosed tumor Case
    A crusted, yellowish nodule on the scalp (81-year-old, female) Case
    A cute little thing: a caruncular mass in a 36 year-old male Case
    A painful foot. Reminds me of Henry VIII Case
    A rare soft tissue tumor, often with focal bone formation. Case
    A serious diagnosis very easy to miss in routine sections Case
    A small red papule on the upper eyelid in a 27 year old female Case
    A surprise Case
    A very rare vascular proliferation: reactive, not to be confused with malignant. Case
    A well hidden diagnosis Case
    Acantholytic actinic keratosis Case
    Accessory tragus Case
    Acne keloidalis Case
    Acral skin nevus Case
    Acrodermatitis Enteropathica Case
    Actinic keratosis Case
    Actinic keratosis Case
    Actinic prurigo Case
    Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis Case
    Adnexal Clear Cell Carcinoma with Comedonecrosis (ACCCC) Case
    Aggressive "blastic" lymphoma in a patient with history of marginal zone lymphoma Case
    AJCC Criteria Case
    AJCC Criteria Case
    AJCC Criteria Case
    AJCC Criteria Case
    Allergic contact dermatitis Case
    Allergic granulomatosis Case
    Alopecia areata Case
    Alopecia areata in a 30 yr old female Case
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