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    Sister Mary Joseph nodule - Using the Grimelius stain Case
    Trichofolliculoma Case
    Case 78 (JLH16: A thigh mass in a 65-year-old man) Case
    Hidrocystoma Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session VII Case Vignette 34 Case
    Bullous cellulitis Case
    Case 13 Case
    Typical histology but somewhat unusual age and location Case
    Ocular primary acquired melanosis (PAM) Case
    Reccurent nevus on a hypertrophic scar Case
    Cutaneous blastomycosis Case
    Herpes zoster folliculitis Case
    Painful lesion on the ear Case
    Schwannoma Case
    Erythematous nodule on the right thigh Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session VIII Case Vignette 41 Case
    Pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta (PLEVA) Case
    Itchy blisters associated with diarrhea Case
    Pilar leiomyoma Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session VII Lecture 15 Case 1 Case
    Online Only Case 2 (An unusual fatty tumor in an infant) Case
    Right arm lesion, 53-year-old woman Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session IV Case Vignette 7 Case
    Fixed drug eruption Case
    Pigmented epithelioid melanocytoma Case
    Reccurent nevus Case
    Eythematous papule with incidental wood splinter with dematiaceous fungus Case
    Urticaria Case
    Subungual nodule of the index finger in a 43 year old woman Case
    Case 1 Case
    Case 42 ( ) Case
    Clear cell hidradenoma Case
    Granular Cell Tumor Case
    Classic example of Leishmaniasis Case
    Lentiginous compound dysplastic nevus with severe atypia Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session III Case Vignette 4a Case
    88 year-old male with sepsis treated with multiple antibiotics with blistering rash Case
    Granular cell tumor Case
    Classic reactive lymphoid hyperplasia (cutaneous B cell pseudolymphoma) Case
    Pseudopelade of Brocq Case
    Ruptured epidermal inclusion cyst Case
    Alopecia areata Case
    Negative biopsy to rule out Chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis Case
    Cryoglobulinemia Case
    Hematopathology Course 2014 Werner Kempf: Lymphomatoid papulosis (type A) Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session II Lecture #7 Case Vignettes 6a Case
    Pityriasis rubra pilaris Case
    Case 6 Scarring alopecia of frontal hair line Case
    Arthropod bite Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session VIII Case Vignette 44 Case
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