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    M 77, right arm, ill-defined pigmented macule Case
    3 for the price of 1 Case
    Classic case of alopecia areata Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session II Lecture #8 Case Vignettes 13 Case
    Case 12 Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session VI Lecture #13 Case 3 Case
    Scottsdale 2011 Melanoma Course Case Ewing Sarcoma Case
    Unknown Melanocytic Lesion #1 Case
    Apocrine adenoma Case
    A childhood disease in an adult Case
    Amyloidosis Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Working Lunch Case Vignette 60 Case
    Kaposi early stage in HIV patient Case
    Infant boy with a skin colored nodule on the left lower medial eyelid Case
    Online Only Case 5 (Case 10 TM) Case
    Atopic dermatitis Case
    Dermoscopically- concerning changing pigmented lesion Case
    32 year-old Caucasian female with suspected melanoma on the proximal forearm Case
    A surprise Case
    Case 1 Case
    Dermpedia Scottsdale 2011 Melanoma Course Case: Deep penetrating nevus with tumoral melanosis Case
    Axillary granular parakeratosis Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session X Case Vignette 63 Case
    Scottsdale 2011 Melanoma Course Case Paracicatricial atypical melanocytic hyperplasia Case
    Lesion excised from the left upper arm of a 32 year old man Case
    Trichoadenoma Case
    A classic example of patch stage mycosis fungoides Case
    Gyrate erythema Case
    Onychomycosis Case
    Bullous acute vasculitis Case
    Lichen planus Case
    Secondary Cutaneous Plasmacytoma in the Setting of Multiple Myeloma Case
    Cellular neurothekeoma Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session VIII Case Vignette 43 Case
    M 35, left upper eyelid nodule Case
    Common, benign, painful condition of the helix of the ear Case
    Clonal nevus with severe atypia Case
    Left forehead mass Case
    Traumatic alopecia Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session III Case Vignette 4 Case
    Toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) Case
    A painful foot. Reminds me of Henry VIII Case
    Case 36 (15 TM) Case
    Psoriasis Case
    Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis Case
    Untreated variant of leprosy Case
    Lentigo simplex Case
    Inverse psoriasis Case
    Pigmented epithelioid melanocytoma from a patient with Carney Complex Case
    Lichen planopilaris Case
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