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    Dermatitis herpetiformis Case
    Pagetoid Reticulosis presenting as a single small scaly plaque on the foot Case
    88 year-old male with sepsis treated with multiple antibiotics with blistering rash Case
    Case 1 Case
    Scottsdale 2011 Melanoma Course Case Atypical superficial Spitz nevus Case
    Microcystic adnexal carcinoma Case
    A 53 year old man with superficial yellow-brownish keratotic macules on sun-exposured skin Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session VII Case Vignette 33 Case
    Subcutaneous mass in a patient with multiple myeloma Case
    Lesion excised from the left upper arm of a 32 year old man Case
    Polymorphous light eruption Case
    Keloid Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session V Case Vignette 19 Case
    Congenital nevus with proliferative nodules Case
    Case 57 (13 TM) Case
    Lichen planus Case
    Apocrine hidrocystoma (Apocrine cystadenoma) Case
    Poikiloderma Case
    classic dermographism Case
    Scottsdale Case 3: Infection Masquerading as A Tumor Case
    Common, benign, painful condition of the helix of the ear Case
    In situ lentiginous melanoma Case
    Lupus panniculitis Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session X Case Vignette 67 Case
    Hidrocystoma Case
    Case 78 (JLH16: A thigh mass in a 65-year-old man) Case
    A painful foot. Reminds me of Henry VIII Case
    Pityriasis alba Case
    Case 42 ( ) Case
    Cutaneous lymphoma- often a difficult clinical diagnosis Case
    Actinic keratosis Case
    Leishmaniasis Case
    Mixed tumor of the skin (Chondroid syringoma) Case
    Lichen planopilaris Case
    Scottsdale 2011 Melanoma Course Case Reactive melanocytic atypia: photoactivation Case
    Dermatofibroma Case
    Recurrent metastatic vulvar tumor previously diagnosed as poorly different squamous cell carcinoma in a 78 year-old woman Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session VIII Case Vignette 41 Case
    Erythematous nodule on the right thigh Case
    Primary cutaneous CD4+/CD56+ hematodermic neoplasm (blastic NK-cell lymphoma) Case
    Ruptured follicular cyst Case
    Blue nevus Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session VIII Case Vignette 36 Case
    Right arm lesion, 53-year-old woman Case
    Online Only Case 2 (An unusual fatty tumor in an infant) Case
    Dermatomyositis Case
    Actinic prurigo Case
    Eythematous papule with incidental wood splinter with dematiaceous fungus Case
    Drug-induced ulcers with hyalinizing vasculopathy Case
    Another example of lichen sclerosus Case
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