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    Itchy blisters associated with diarrhea Case
    Bullous acute vasculitis Case
    Dermpedia Scottsdale 2011 Melanoma Course Case: Combined deep penetrating nevus with negative FISH Case
    Norwegian scabies Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session III Case Vignette 4b Case
    Online Only Case 6 (Case 7 TM) Case
    Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn Case
    A 32-year old woman with a rapidly growing dermal nodule at the upper left arm Case
    Pigmented epithelioid melanocytoma Case
    Systemic lupus erythematosus Case
    Sweet's syndrome Case
    Scottsdale Case #9 Case
    Subungual nodule of the index finger in a 43 year old woman Case
    Scleredema Case
    Scottsdale 2015 Case 5: Lyme disease or not? Case
    Perniosis Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session II Lecture #8 Case Vignettes 15 Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session IX Case Vignette 65 Case
    Case 25 ( ) Case
    Actinic keratosis Case
    Clark's nevus Case
    Case 7 Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session VIII Case Vignette 21 Case
    Lichen planus pemphigoides Case
    Reticular erythematous mucinosis Case
    Case 4 (KJF) posterior neck mass Case
    Negative biopsy to rule out Chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis Case
    Scottsdale 2011 Melanoma Course Case Reactive melanocytic atypia: photoactivation Case
    Bullous pemphigoid, urticarial type with one bulla Case
    Annular plaques with central necrosis, and oral mucosa involvement Case
    Case 6 Scarring alopecia of frontal hair line Case
    Orofacial granulomatosis Case
    Scottsdale 2011 Melanoma Course Case Nevoid melanoma Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session X Case Vignette 71 Case
    Case 31 (Is this even a real diagnosis?) Case
    Pigmented epithelioid melanocytoma from a patient with Carney Complex Case
    Lichen planus hypertrophicus Case
    Pernio: Interface changes from cold Case
    47 year old woman with generalized annular rash Case
    Granuloma annulare Case
    Cat scratch disease Case
    Case 1 for Arizona 2015 Case
    angiosarcoma Case
    Lupus panniculitis (lupus profundus) Case
    HIV positive patient with multiple genital molluscum contagiosum Case
    Scottsdale 2012 Didactic Session V Case Vignette 11 Case
    A 49-year old woman with long-standing dozens of individual and coalescing dark pink-violet papules and nodules on her lower extremities. Case
    Acral skin nevus Case
    Perniosis Case
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