Johanna B. Moore Conference Page

    Dr. Johanna B. Moore is a board certified pathologist and dermatopathologist. She is the medical co-director at Western Diagnostic Services Laboratory, which is located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles and is the Central Coast center for excellence in dermatopathology, hematopathology and general anatomic pathology, with four staff dermatopathologists who actively consult, present and publish with academic level quality. 

    Dr. Moore is active in the community as a member of the Central Coast Dermatology Society, Tri-County Dermatology Society, Pacific Dermatology Society and California Dermatology Society.

    Her medical background includes a degree from The Ohio State University Medical Center.  She trained in anatomic and clinical pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital, staying in Boston for the Harvard Combined Dermatopathology Fellowship. Johanna then moved to San Francisco, where she took a position with the University of San Francisco Pathology Department as a clinical instructor.  At the same time she was able to accomplish a fellowship in gynecologic pathology and spend time in dermatopathology as a visiting fellow. 

    On a personal level, Johanna is a mother of twin toddlers and it has been rumored that she brings her Labradoodle, Kodi, into her office on the weekends for company as she finishes up the week, but no one has actually caught her in the act.