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    Editor and Coordinator in Chief
    Guenter Burg, MD1, Zürich burg@derm.uzh.ch
    Leading House Department of Dermatology Zürich

    Prof. & Chairman Lars French, M.D. 1
    Co-Editors Lars French, MD1
    Theodor Rufli, MD2
    Lasse Braathen, MD3

    Luca Borradori, MD3
    Renato Panizzon, MD4
    Peter Elsner, MD5
    Stephan Lautenschlager, MD6
    Cooperators Thomas Hunziker, MD3
    Cynthia Gerber, MD4
    Jean-Philippe Görög, MD3
    Medical Coordinators Reto Schaffner, MD1
    Urs Bader, MD1
    Claudio Cipolat, MD1
    Roger Kropf, MD1
    Christian Daniel Mnich, MD1

    Marie Zipser, MD1
    Philippa Golling, MD1
    Technical Coordinator Vahid Djamei1
    Translations Walter Burgdorf, M D. (English)
    Constance Pournaras, MD4 (French)
    Roberto Azambuja, MD (Portuguese)
    José Mascaro jun, MD (Spanish)

    Partners and Sponsors Universitiy of Zurich

    Universitiy of Basel
    Universitiy of Bern
    Universitiy of Lausanne
    Universitiy of Jena

    Stadtspital Triemli, Zurich
    Swiss Virtual Campus
    E-learning Center Zurich
    Media and E-Learnning Services (MELS), Zurich
    Supporting Foundations
     Baugarten- Foundation, Zurich
    Georg and Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker-Foundation, Zurich

    Ernst Göhner Foundation, Zürich

    Foundation for Meodern Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Medicine, Zurich
    Programming Arpage AG, Kusnacht/ZH
    Atelier Vuarnoz, Zurich

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    Contact Guenter Burg, MD
    1: University of Zurich, Clinic of Dermatology, Zurich/Switzerland
    2: University of Basel, Clinic of Dermatology, Basel/Switzerland
    3: University of Bern, Clinic of Dermatology, Bern/Switzerland
    4: University of Lausanne, Clinic of Dermatology, Lausanne/Switzerland
    5: University of Jena, Clinic of Dermatology, Jena/Germany
    6: Dermatologisches Ambulatorium, Stadtspital Triemli, Zurich/Switzerland