Congenital nevus with atypical proliferative nodule

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    Sean Klepper M.D.
    Stephen Lyle, M.D., ...

    Clinical Features:

    • Proliferative (or "proliferation") nodules are rare benign lesions that develop within congenital nevi, sometimes raising suspicion for melanoma clinically.
    • They generally present as smooth-surfaced brown to black papules or nodules, usually less than one centimeter in diameter.
    • Ulceration or hemorrhage sometimes occur.
    • They tend to gradually regress.

    Histologic Features:

    • Nodular proliferation of large epithelioid or spindle-shaped melanocytes with abundant cytoplasm and mild pleomorphism
    • The cells of the proliferative nodule merge imperceptibly at the margin of the nodule with the cells of the surrounding congenital nevus.
    • More than one mitoses per square millimeter are not permitted for the diagnosis of proliferative nodule.

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  • Congenital nevus with proliferative nodules
    Author: Artur Zembowicz M.D. Ph.D.

    Conference: Dr. Z's Consultations