Pityriasis alba

    Article Contributors: 
    Sean Klepper M.D.
    Artur Zembowicz M.D....

    Clinical Features:

    • Hypopigmented macules on the face of children, which is much more noticeable in dark-skinned individuals
    • May be a variant of seborrheic dermatitis or atopic dermatitis
    • Possibly caused by Pityrosporum infection

    Histologic Features:

    • Hyperkeratosis with patchy parakeratosis
    • Mild acanthosis
    • Spongiosis
    • Upper dermal perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate
    • Decreased basal layer melanin with normal to decreased numbers of melanocytes
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  • Pityriasis alba
    Author: Artur Zembowicz M.D. Ph.D.

    Conference: DermatopathologyConsultations.com Teaching Collection