Sclerotic fibroma (storiform collagenoma)

    Clinical Features:

    • Solitary skin-colored nodule
    • Adults
    • Cured by simple excision
    • Multiple lesions may be seen in Cowden's disease, where they may occur in the oral cavity.

    Histologic Features:

    • Well-circumscribed dermal lesion
    • Composed of bundles of hyalinized collagen bundles in a storiform pattern, separated by clefts
    • Spindle cells are interspersed between the collagen bundles.
    • Giant cell collagenoma is a variant that contains scattered multinucleated giant cells, which may have a bizarre appearance.

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  • Sclerotic fibroma
    Author: Artur Zembowicz M.D. Ph.D.

    Conference: Teaching Collection