Coastal Pathology with Partnership, High Income & Lots of Vacation

    Merrit Thawkins
    United States

    Coastal Pathology with Partnership,
    High Income & Lots of Vacation

    COASTAL FLORIDA (USA). There are not many pathology opportunities out there today, and even fewer good opportunities. This is an opportunity to hear about a GREAT opportunity, unique in every respect in comparison to the rest of the market. A 5-person pathology group isn’t unusual, but the location, quality of practice, financial rewards, and amount of time taken off each year puts this group in the top 2% of pathology groups in the country. Consider the following:

    • No buy in required to become a partner!
    • Work a 4-day work week, with call never occurring on off days
    • Partners currently enjoy 12 weeks of vacation
    • Income potential as a partner is above the top 2% of practices
    • Variety of all cases, but absolutely no autopsy work
    • Practice handles cases from a large, 1,000+ bed coastal system
    • Ability to lead chemistry lab for the right individual
    • All grossing duties performed by an experienced PA


    • Average temperature of 81 degrees in the summer, 62 degrees in the winter
    • A community of over 600,000 residents, proximity to a city over 1 million residents
    • Housing options that range from million dollar coastal mansions to the affordable subdivisions
    • Live on the water but at just a portion of the cost of other coastal areas in the state
    • Unbelievable cultural resources: performing arts, 5-star restaurants, major international airport

    For more information on this unique position, please respond promptly. You can forward your CV to or contact me, Todd Martin, at 866.826.1217. You may also fax your CV to 972.983.0715. Please reference opportunity PATH-161670.

    Contact Name: 
    Todd Martin