Managing Director

    Dermpath Diagnostics
    United States

    Dermpath Diagnostics is exclusively focused on providing exceptional dermatopathology services and is backed by an unrivaled team of over 90 board-certified Dermatopathologists, advanced diagnostic technologies and unparalleled clinician/patient support.

    Our mission is to provide accurate, clear and prompt diagnoses. We also strive to develop confident relationships with our referring clinicians, and we are fully committed to assisting in providing the best health care for every patient.


    We are currently seeking an experienced board-certified Dermatopathologist to lead our practice in New York, New York at the Ackerman Academy as the Managing Director. This key position will offer the practice of full-time Dermatopathology as well as manage and work with Dermatopathologists in a supportive, congenial atmosphere. Experience in academia and the teaching of a Dermatopathology fellowship program required.Dermatopathologists who join our practices will be expected to contribute to our reputation of service, specialization and expertise. Moreover, they will discover a strong physician focus and an understanding of the practice of Dermatopathology.


    Additional responsibilities as the Managing Director of a practice with Dermpath Diagnostics would include


    leading the practice by providing guidance, resources and support to physicians, operations management, clinical, and administrative employees; Developing and establishing measures to improve the quality of medical services provided by the practice; Suggesting changes in working conditions and developing and establishing measures to improve efficiency and performance of medical services In addition they will lead the Ackerman Academy Dermatopathology Fellowship Program to the highest standards


    Our ideal candidate will present with 10 years as a Dermatopathologist and 5 years Healthcare Management experience. Experience in teaching an academic program is required.




    Dermpath Diagnostics competitive compensation plan includes targeted bonuses, and outstanding benefits.

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