What do you think about the current job market for dermatopathologists in USA? Login to participate.

    I think it is dismal and is only going to get worse.
    41% (54 votes)
    I think that it is bad short term but will stabilize soon and is going to get better long term
    26% (35 votes)
    I think it is good.
    25% (33 votes)
    I think that it is excellent. The jobs are plentiful and long-term prospects are rosy.
    8% (11 votes)
    Total votes: 133


    Job market

    I anticipate an overwhelming number of patients and biopsies to follow.  Unfortunately, reimbursements will become so low as to make the interpretation of slides a money loosing game.  In addition, autonomy for dermatopathologists will disappear.  But the malpractice risk will remain.

    In short, we will be be paid peanuts, overworking for someone else with the same malpractice exposure.