Which statement regarding lentigo maligna best reflects your current practice?

    I do not use the term lentigo maligna in my practice at all.
    19% (29 votes)
    I consider lentigo maligna a distinct more indolent form of melanoma in situ on severely sun exposed skin.
    73% (113 votes)
    I use term lentigo maligna for all melanomas on severely sun damaged skin and do not further subtype..
    8% (12 votes)
    Total votes: 154


    Lentigo Maligna

    I find this term causes much confusion. As a result I use the term 'in situ melanoma' and lentigo maligna in brackets after it. Personally, I think this term should be abandoned.

    Lentigo maligna

    I use the term "lentigo maligna melanoma in situ" instead of "lentigo maligna" to avoid confusion. I believe LMM in situ is simply an in situ melanoma, usually in sun damaged skin with a distinctive radial growth pattern.

    I agree with the above

    I agree with the above statement.  I avoid the term lentigo maligna and use the term in-situ melanoma instead.

    If it appears as choice #2,

    If it appears as choice #2, I use "Melanoma in situ, lentigo maligna-type"

    Lentiginous melanoma in radial growth phase

    Lentigo maligna is a form of lentiginous melanoma. This term is antiquated and inaccurate but it is well known and well understood by most. To decrease the likelyhood of mistakes, I continue to use it in parentheses.

    For cases that fit all clinical and pathological criteria for lentigo maligna, I sign them as "lentiginous melanoma in radial growth phase (lentigo maligna)". I also add "No evidence of vertical growth phase (no lentigo maligna melanoma)".


    I use malignant melanoma in situ, lentigo maligna type - features: severely sun damaged skin, minimal to no upward migration, excessive spreading single melanocytes, poor - random nesting, adnexal involvement.