Challenging Case

    Title Type
    Case 75 A hard case Case
    Case 74 It is not as bad as it looks Case
    Case 73 An unexpected clear cell tumor Case
    Case 54 (Usually a renal mass) Case
    Case 52 (Paradox) Case
    Osborne Keeling Abraham User Details
    L Bardy Md User Details
    Multiple tender subcutaneous nodules Case
    Mitotically active atypical compound melanocytic proliferation with negative 4 probe MelanoSITE FISH Case
    Thrombotic vasculopathy status post AAA repair Case
    92 year-old female with a recently discovered pigmented lesion Case
    15-year-old girl wit connexin-26 mutation Case
    Case 5 Case
    Case 3 Case
    GD case nr 1 Case
    Case 10 Case
    Case 9 Case
    Atypical cellular blue nevus Case
    RAC4619 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    RAC4741 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    RAC4292 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    RAC4658 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    RAC4294 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    RAC4694 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    RAC4022 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    RAC3826 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    RAC3615 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    RAC3031 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    RAC4523 for Scottsdale Arizona Case
    Finger lesion from cleaning fish tank? Case
    Case 4. 62-year-old woman with a four-month history of periorbital, truncal and extensor violaceous erythema and muscle weakness Case
    28-year-old man with cutaneous and CNS lesions Case
    Case 9 Case
    Adnexal tumor case Case
    Extramammary Paget's Disease Case
    A rare and frequently misdiagnoses soft tissue tumor Case
    Rare variant of a rare tumor. Case
    Benign eccrine neoplasm Case
    Hyalinizing spindle cell tumor with giant rosettes Case
    A rare tumor presenting in the skin Case
    12 year old boy with linear papules on extremities Case
    Sebaceous(?) carcinoma with comedonecrosis and focal trichilemmal keratinization Case
    Juvenile conjunctival nevus Case
    Frequent diagostic problem Case
    Borderline melanocytic tumor (MELTUMP) Case
    13 month old African American girl with chronic bullous eruption Case
    55 year old female with generalized annular rash and strikingly perineural inflammatory infiltrate Case
    A very rare case Case
    Severely atypical Spitz tumor with lymph node metastases Case
    Psoriasis in HIV patient Case
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