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    Rush biopsy Case
    Purple dermal nodule on the thigh of a 19 year-old-female Case
    Scalp nodule in a three-year-old girl Case
    Stevens Johnson Toxic Epidermal necrolysis overlap triggered by rosewood and ebony exposure Case
    Plasmablastic lymphoma Case
    Value of PASD stain in evaulation of ruptured folliculitis Case
    Interesting pigmented lesion Case
    Superficial spreading melanoma with dermoscopic features Case
    An unusual cause of nasal polyps Case
    Endocrine mucin-producing sweat gland carcinoma Case
    Probably the most commonly misdiagnosed dermatosis. Case
    A 16 years old mapuche girl bitten by a goat kid Case
    Double positive CD4/CD8 Sezary syndrome Under sumbission Case
    Case 1 Case
    Blisters on hands- the condition gave rise to a legend Case
    Pigmented apocrine hamartoma (of the vulva), a new entity or a variant of apocrine hidrocystoma? Case
    Young man with a pigmened lesion on the foot Case
    36 year-old female with a fleshy papule on the left chest below the breast Case
    30-year-old male with one year history of changing nodule on the forehead Case
    Alopecia, Palmoplantar Macules and Penile Lesions in a 22-year old man Case
    Cutaneous lymphoma- often a difficult clinical diagnosis Case
    A 27-year-old male with a skin-colored papule on the left year Case
    Blistering disorder of the elderly Case
    Case 6 Scarring alopecia of frontal hair line Case
    Amelanotic cellular blue nevus Case
    Cutaneous metastasis- the value of immunohistochemistry Case
    A painful foot. Reminds me of Henry VIII Case
    Teenager who refuses to take his shirt off in public Case
    A 13-year-old boy with a history of Carney Complex and a pigmented lesion Case
    Recurrent metastatic vulvar tumor previously diagnosed as poorly different squamous cell carcinoma in a 78 year-old woman Case
    A 36 year old healthy woman with a non-healing ulceration on the cheek Case
    Pigmented lesion on right neck Case
    Rapidly growing squamous tumor Case
    28 year old diabetic male with erosions and history of skin fragiligy Case
    Infant boy with a skin colored nodule on the left lower medial eyelid Case
    Classic pernio Case
    Classic pityriasis lichenoides and varioliformis acuta (PLEVA) Case
    Eythematous papule with incidental wood splinter with dematiaceous fungus Case
    42 year-old man with tightening of neck and upper back Case
    og_public error Case
    TB7.2017 Case
    TB11.2017 Case
    TB9.2017 Case
    2018 Dermpedia Course: Didactic Session 1 Case 3 Case
    2018 Dermpedia Course: Didactic Session X Pustular Alopecia Case 7 Case
    2018 Dermpedia Course: Didactic Session X Pustular Alopecia Case 2 Case
    2018 Dermpedia Course: Didactic Session Pustular Alopecia X Case 3 Case
    2018 Dermpedia Course:Didactic Session X Pustular Alopecia Case 1 Case
    2018 Dermpedia Course: Didactic Session I Case 9 Psoriasiform Dermatitis Case
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